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Recently made a booking via Justfly after finding the best rates with them and I simply would not do business with them again. Should a circumstance arise that would call for you to deal with customer service, you better believe it will be an overwhelming and taxing experience. In an attempt to upgrade my trip to business class, I contacted customer service where a representative kept me on the phone providing me incorrect information for an hour. Called back to speak to a supervisor and the representative would not allow me to do so until they rectified my situation (if they were able to, obviously I wouldn't need to speak to a supervisor). After an hour with the second representative, I finally was able to unlock a supervisor who gave me the information I needed and asked me to call him back to have it finalized. He told me to ask for him to have it straightened out. Of course, when I called back and explained I wanted to speak directly to them, this third representative wouldn't transfer the call to him. Gave me incorrect information (yet again). SO frustrating because it's like they are incapable of listening to anything you are saying. Blew a short fuse in the first five minutes and I'm usually very calm and understanding of the limitations of customer service representatives. Absolutely ridiculous. I'm probably just going to cancel my ticket with them and book an entirely new one on the airline's website.

If you are just looking for a cheap rate and you don't see yourself having to deal with customer service, then go for it. Online transaction was relatively fast and straight forward; booking was validated by airline immediately.
How does an update via phone work in general? Did you use status or points?
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