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Originally Posted by sbm12 View Post
Better to be stuck in MAJ where there are hotels and other facilities than in KWA like some of us were last March. We were guests of the US Army for ~12 hours while awaiting a fixed airplane.

A bit unfortunate they didn't find a way to get a reserve crew to you in TKK; that's not so far from GUM that it would be impossible to schedule it to happen.

Did you try to declare Trip In Vain at GUM and get your fare refunded? That was another 6 hour ordeal on our trip.
I didn't declare Trip In Vain at GUM. I booked an Island Hopper adventure and got one for sure. My HKG hotel is the only HKG cost I am out and can probably get that reimbursed through Chase Sapphire Preferred Trip Delay/Interruption coverage. I paid $1,282 AI for the original itinerary, and already figured I'd get 2/3 of that back in the Hawaii ticket I won't buy next year when my wife and I plan to go to HNL for a real non-MR vacation (the ~22,000 PQM+card spend miles take my account balance to the next 45,000 point increment for IAD-HNL). So I'm not out all that much, learned a lot, made a new friend and had an interesting time with another friend. Not bad for a long weekend.
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