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Originally Posted by teddy25 View Post
Cub is part of supervalue brand.

I have been ms there for years for with no limits. Now cub might get killed off just like other aves. Op will also has to find other places to ms for posting this.

Blog traffic vs ms opportunities
Cub's problems are far bigger than people buying gift cards with a CC. If they are thinking of making that change it is for far bigger reasons than any of these promotions.

It has been almost a year since the coupon books that come in the mail contained two $5 of a $50 purchase coupon. Coincidence? Absolutely not.

Their generous coupon policy, which let you use expired coupons for something like 60 days, has been changed to 30 days. Again...coincidence? Absolutely not.

Cub has been getting pressure from Target and Walmart. That pressure will only get worse as HyVee enters more Twin Cities locations. Cities like Lakeville that have multiple Cub stores will have to probably start closing locations.

They've simply over saturated the market and will have to make changes, GC sales or no GC sales.
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