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Originally Posted by monumia View Post
Sorry guys, my brother works for Cub(Lakeville store). Cub is looking into last week glitch with MS spending and seriously considering all visa card cash only by end of January.

Please please refrain from MS for these 10 dollars coupons. This is the only venue left and you guys are taking it down...
Welcome to flyertalk!

We can't really take a random "he said, she said" post and believe it. Also, who's to say you're not just trying to scare people off so you can rack up those sweet sweet coupons?

Although, I definitely see how this type of MS'ing can wreak havoc on a small chain's profit.

At some point, I would actually feel bad, especially for a small chain. If it was a large chain, I would be more ok with it since I feel they could absorb the blow more easily.
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