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Originally Posted by EL AL Rep. View Post
U R right. Non of the US competitors expire points after 3 years . EL AL is not flying only to US destinations. In that aspect, you should compare EL AL to European airlines which expire points after 3 years.
And there you go doing it again! Why would you come onto FT, a forum of intelligent well informed frequent flyers and try and tell us something which is incorrect. You are being disingenuous and that is not helping you win any friends. It's such an "Israeli" approach but you must understand most of us can see right through it.
European airlines (at least the three majors - BA, AF/KLM, and LH) indeed do expire points but all of them offer fairly simple and inexpensive ways to make sure points do not expire. That's very different to what LY is doing so don't try and fob us off with inaccurate half true information.

I already commented about this above in a long post which you ignored!
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