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Originally Posted by joshwex90 View Post
Liat, if you're pushing the FLY Card so much and saying how "special" it is, please let me know if there are ways of getting sign-up bonuses for it (you know, like every major airline does around the world, and even Miles&More does with their C.A.L. credit card in Israel) as well as fee waivers for the first year or so?

The FLY CARD credit card offers many exclusive benefits in the credit, aviation and You Club domains. In a short time, cardholders more than cover the fee for the card, both in the aviation realm and in many stores.
In addition, a welcome gift of 50 points (worth $50) and a discount of 15% at Mega stores (up to a limit of NIS 700 = maximum discount of NIS 105) cover the cost of the first year of use. After the first year, with reasonable use of the card, you can earn enough points for a bonus ticket to a European destination, worth a lot more than the first year’s cost of the card (second year and on).

A few more examples:
· Preferential conversion rate – one point for every NIS 250 spent with the card

· Reduced price bonus tickets

· 50% discount on excess baggage

· This is the only credit card in Israel that allows point accrual on payments of taxes and utilities, such as municipal taxes, water and electricity
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