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Originally Posted by EL AL Rep. View Post
ELAL is establishing new agreements with banks in the US. We are expecting to announce one of the agreements in the near future.
Well that goes to support the individual who is calling El Al a credit card company. Also, the credit card business in the US is very different than in Israel. When a person gets a card they have more to consider than just El Al points. Loads of cards offer points on other airlines and the cards are no charge. Many cards are also able to be used in Israel with no foreign transaction fees. If getting one of these cards means that instead of paying El Al ( or Delta) I pay the credit card company where am I ahead.

Also, Liat, your lack of answering or commenting on the rest of my questions tells me that my statements were accurate and you have nothing to say. I, like most others realize you do not make these decision, but I do hope you pass back to the powers that be how much they stink. When you have people like me who have always supported the airline....versus some of the others who really just come here to bash...what is that saying?
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