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Rite Aid Gift Cards causing heat with LE?

Today if found out that one of the routes that I've been utilizing for MS may have attracted some attention from LE.

I was doing Cardpool -> Rite Aid GC -> PP MyCash -> Walmart MO

I had liquidated about $3k this month between 2-3 RA locations. One location, the Cashier would offer to "throw away" the used gift cards, however I found out otherwise. Today, when I attempted to liquidate Rite aid GC, the manager informed me that a number of other folks had been doing this in my area and that they had been collecting the used Gift cards and saving them based on instructions from the local police dept. Manager mentioned that they dont know if Rite aid GCs were purchased with stolen gift cards then sold on secondary market. Was wondering if any of you have experienced this?

I think I'm going to back off from this approach (after i finish off the remaining $1k in Rite Aid GC) and utilize the other routes i have.

Been reading various threads here on FT, I tried finding information about the scenario above but couldn't find anything, so I'm starting a new one - if this needs to be moved - let me know. Thanks!
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