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Check in closure time in BKK


I'm taking my first EK flights later this year to Thailand. On my way home ex-BKK, I'm leaving on EK 373 departing at 2040. On the EK website, it says that you have to check in 90 minutes beforehand if you have luggage (I will). Is this a very strict time limit, or a guide? 90 minutes seems like a long time for "final" check in.

I'm in the process of booking my flight back from the beach to connect to EK, and there is a flight that lands at 1705, so 3h35m before departure. I guess this is safe, but if they are running late, will EK accomodate me if I get to the check in desk with less than 90 minutes before departure?

I saw that they say check in closes 60 mins before departure with hand luggage only, so the desks will be open. Will they just refuse someone with checked bags, say, 75 minutes before departure?

I'm in economy and only EK Blue!

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