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Tip envelopes in rooms

I am new to Marriott, and I am staying in a Courtyard this week.

When I got to my room, there was a tip envelope sitting on the desk in front of the lamp. It had the name of the housekeeper and my room number on the envelope.

Yesterday, I cleared the desk to put down some paperwork and when I got to my room at night, a new envelope was up there, again with my room number and the name of the cleaning lady.

I have never seen that before in any of the hotels I stay at. I don't want to get into a discussion around tips, but I think it's very tacky and would definitely not encourage me to leave a tip.

Also, why would my room number be on there... Is she keeping track of who tips and how much and for what purpose?

Fwiw: this is what the envelope looks like:

I dont know if this is a Marriott thing, or if this is something that housekeeper does?
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