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Originally Posted by Catusa View Post
Exceptionally and because of a credit due to a changed itin my 4 yr old and I are travelling in F this week from SIN. I know many of you are cringing and hoping you aren't on our flt but don't worry its the night dep and she will sleep
This is probably the one and only time I will travel in first so I want to make it worthwhile. We are on the 380 from SIN and are booked in the middle. Is there a divider between the suites than can open up? I am worried that I will not be able to see her especially during take-off, landing when I can't stand up. Same question for our second flt which is a 777-300ER.

We are eligible for DXB connect but arrive at 1255 and dep 9 hrs later. Would you use the hotel or stay in the FCL. Without my daughter I would definitely stay in the lounge but with her I am thinking a few hours deep sleep in a locked hotel room would be more restful. I don't plan to sleep much on the flts but hope she will.
Hey CatUSA,

If I were you and had my 4 year old kid traveling with me, I would not take the Dubai Connect nor hang in the lounge. If budget is not a problem, i suggest the Dubai International Hotel inside the airport. No hassle of Immigrations, customs etc. It is pricey no doubt, around USD200 per night, but for me, I find it extremely convenient. Just another suggestion to consider, albeit a little steep. Happy flying and enjoy the amazing F experience on EK

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