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Originally Posted by PWMTrav View Post
It's a double edged sword for me - I'm both a bottom tier elite and a stockholder (pre-merger, both airlines). On one hand, I love how US treated its 25k tier - better than any other airline, and Doug Parker was running that one too. On the other hand, I probably see more in my portfolio the more the "new" AA moves away from the old "AA" - after all, both airlines went bankrupt, so something had to change.

FWIW, I ignore the blog "analysis" now, and instead expect the worst and plan for it. Earn and burn. I'm not worried about elite requalifying on AA/US, either. I'll take one last shot at the elite game, I matched out to AS. The plan now is to requalify as AS MVP until they significantly cut benefits. Then I'll just fly the lowest fare and use credit card earned miles for premium cabins when warranted.
I've owned airline stock twice. Both times the airline went into bankruptcy and my investment was lost.

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me; fool me three times, no sirree!

BTW, FWIW, looks like Gary is gnashing his teeth over having accepted a comped elite status from Hilton. Which reminds me of that old joke with the punchline: 'We've established what you are, madam, now we are haggling over the price'
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