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I would be interested in this type of program too. I wonder how BA deals with the situation where 1 member is a 1K/Plat and the rest are silver /no status. As for downside I'd be OK not giving friends miles/instruments - - I'll give them a box of chocolates (& some extra salty nuts) instead!!
That is indeed the tradeoff. Household gets you one cumulative account, but you can't help outsiders. You can help your kids, but not auntie.
Then this means that if one of the members has an elite status, then any time an award ticket is used from the aggregate account, that flyer would enjoy top status. I like that much better than the current version where I would not want to fly on my wife's miles the years she has silver (from just missing gold) . Now that type of FF program would be a change I liked (or whatever the saying is)
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