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Originally Posted by dunk View Post
Have you checked TIMATIC ? That's the database the airlines use and is accessible at:
Originally Posted by JDiver View Post
Link to TIMATIC web from United Airlines

Link to TIMATIC web courtesy of Star Alliance

TIMATIC is what the airlines use to determine whether one is properly documented for travel or not.
Cool, thanks for the links! I've heard of TIMATIC before but wasn't aware I could access it. I'll give it a look. I'd only be there a week or so, so I don't think it'd be a problem.

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And please don't dredge up old threads (anything over 2 years). Better to start a new one to avoid confusing people.
Originally Posted by JDiver View Post
As the previous thread dated to 2008, we've moved this query to its own thread.
Thanks, Mods! Whether to bump or start a new thread (or where the line is between the two options) seems to vary a bit depending on the forum and moderator here; sorry for guessing wrong. My bad.

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