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Originally Posted by RNE View Post
It's good they love what Jeff is doing at UA because Doug is going to do the same thing at AA.
Can you advise me of what the winning lottery numbers will be next week as well?

We already know what Smisek has done. I'll take an unknown quantity to a proven airline destroyer any day.

Originally Posted by UA-NYC View Post
Not so clear that will be the case - they know w/high labor costs they need to keep the revenue machine cranking. They're already upgrading US' catering standards to that of AA. That shows me they "get it" and aren't going to cut to the bone. We'll see.
Yep. Not too hard to figure out you can steal a lot of passengers from UA with little effort these days.

Originally Posted by SFO777 View Post
Sounds like wishful thinking to me. You have no idea what he will do. But Parker is a lot smarter and has a much better track record than Smisek.

1) What did you like most about fkaUA

Loyalty was acknowledged and rewarded. Now it is spit on.

2) What changes have had the greatest negative impact on you?

Non-existent domestic upgrades. Upgrade waitlists for international routes. Shrinking route structure. Regional jets. A mess of a boarding process. Lack of recognition of Million Miler status. Poor customer service. Poor meals. Less than reliable flight operations. SHARES. Gutting of Mileage Plus. Lack of saver reward space on international flights in F and C. Horrible United Clubs. Stupid name of "Business First".

3) What remains about the current UA that makes it hard for you to leave?

Nothing. I'm gone to the dAArk side.

4) What airlines are you considering switching to?

AA domestic. CX international. LH to Europe.

5) What benefits / improvements do you expect on your new airline?

Domestic upgrades and lack of disdain for choosing that carrier.

6) What aspects of the new airline make it hard for you to switch to them?

Starting with no status. Looking for Parker to announce a status match program for 1Ks in the new year.
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