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I wouldn't get too carried away with the ocnspiracy theories that the Red Cross is letting people die because they are anti-gay. I lived in England for six months, and now I am permanently banned from ever donating blood, even though I donated blood every 8 weeks for about FIVE YEARS after the six months in England. If I was a Mad Cow, or if I was turning other people into Mad Cows, don't you think five years' worth of blood units would have already done it? All of a sudden, my 21st Century blood is BAD, whereas my 20th Century blood was GOOD.

What I'm saying is that the Red Cross is probably just overly paranoid about the blood they get. I don't know enough about their testing processes, and how 100% certain they are that their blood is safe. (If the tests are only, say 99.9999% accurate, then maybe the paranoia is justified. I just don't know.)

However, I don't think the Red Cross is engaging in an anti-gay conspiracy, or an anti-people-who-lived-in-England conspiracy for that matter, or an anti-people-who-exchange-drugs-for-sex conspiracy, etc.
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