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When I lived in NYC I gave blood approx. every 56 days at work. They had a blood drive every couple months. I'm O+ and CMV- (CMV is some kind of virus that a majority of the population has. Totally harmless for most people but blood with CMV can't be used for infants, pregnant women, or people with compromised immune systems) so they LOVE my blood and used to call me before every blood drive. It's a great feeling and any little bruise or slight pinch is well worth it.

Want to say thanks to everyone who has given blood since you saved my grandmother's life many years ago when she had to have several pints transfused.

Haven't been able to give since moving to Spain since I get rejected as a foreigner and will probably now get rejected if I try to give in the US for having spent too much time in Europe

I Love New York -- Viva Espaņa
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