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What more could I have done?

Flew my first two flights on ac today after making 75k ten days ago. 5.5 days out I called aeroplan and requested my upgrades. Nice agent. Today at yvr I asked at the checkin counter re:upgrades and was told to check at gate after some discussion as to the likelihood. Went to gate. No upgrade although
10 people minimum were called for upgrades. Got to lounge in yyz for my flight to turkey and was told it was too early for her to check. (Grumpy lady) While on the ground in yvr I had checked my upgrade account and saw I was still wait listed for both. Lounge lady told me to go to gate 40 minutes before which I did and when I asked about the upgrade I was told they were complete and I wasn't even on the list. She told me to contact customer service. I suspect I wasn't on the list in yvr to yyz either.

Okay. Not the end of the world. But what does one have to do to not fall through the cracks in the system? Be a constant pest?


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