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Originally Posted by superdawg View Post
So when you signed up for the 'Golf' offer of 20,000 points did they double it when it was posted in your account? ie does your account now have 40,000 points instead of 20,000? AFAIK the point value never changed it was 1.9% until August 31 and now it is 1% but of course the card now earns 2 points per dollar instead of 1? I'm just curious as I posed this question to my BMO contact but have not heard back yet so perhaps you can answer faster than they do! (Also noticed my posts from yesterday have been deleted... )
Yes. I signed up with the 20,000 offer.

The BMO phone rep told me that whatever points were in the account on August 31 would be doubled for September 1.
That transaction worked fine on my account:
My point total was 20,516 on August 31.
On Sept 1, they gave me a credit adjustment for exactly 20,516 more points.
My Points Balance is now 41,032 points.

The old points were worth 1.9 cents. (20,516 x 1.9c = $389.80)
The new points are worth 1 cent. (41,032 x 1.0c = $410.32)

It's all good.

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