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Originally Posted by Rookie3 View Post
Just a bit of line cutting and lounge access? LMAO

I can only speak to Vegas, but that line cutting (cabs, starbucks, restaurants, cashier, clubs and free access for 2 to clubs, which was left out) has been invaluable to me. I also have had many good experiences with the lounges - granted I care more about the quick and voluminous service of premium liquor than the food.

On a couple of busy weekends I recall only being able to use the valet because I was Diamond as well.

To each his own, but Diamond has significant value to me.
Don't forget the (somewhat less publicized) benefit of 2 free show tickets (somewhat limited selection - though I've never had a problem attending a show I enjoy) per month in LV.

Also, the check-in experience as a Diamond at peak times is often expedited since Diamonds can use the VIP check-in at all LV properties (that have them).

Originally Posted by baccarat_king View Post
Diamond isn't particularly valuable. Everything is based more so off of your theo, so without a good theo; it's just a bit of "line cutting" and diamond lounge access. In the Vegas markets, the diamond lounge experience is very limited (and sub par). In Atlantic City, it's also not so great (but better hours on the weekend); but you are charged per visit until you reach 25K tier.

The only worthwhile benefits (and lounges) in the CZR system are the 7-star lounges. But, 7-star is hardly worth the (stated) benefits.
Diamond certainly isn't as valuable 7*; but, saying "Diamond isn't particularly valuable" is a bit misleading - what value it has is relative to attainable alternatives for the players and low-level diamonds are not within striking distance of 7* (or the associated benefits).
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