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Originally Posted by GatorAir View Post
Domestic: airfare must be within $100 of least expensive economy fare available for non-billable travel. For billable, it's typically best judgement, since we have requirements to be at client sites generally by 10AM on outbound travel days and cannot leave the client site until 3PM on return days. However, lowest available economy fare within the aforementioned parameters is required, and typically in my role, we book 1-2 months in advance. Airfare over $800 requires director (1 level below SVP) approval. This applies even to the CEO, though anyone has the option of buying an upgrade out of their own pocket, whether via cash, points, SWU, etc. Sales team might have the option of purchasing FC on the outbound portion if they have same day meetings, but that is just speculation. I also speculate that other departments book more flexible fares that make upgrades at booking a feasibility. But basically, our company does not deem anyone 'entitled' to FC fare unless significant hardship can be proven, and prefer to use other methods to provide incentive to frequent travelers (including exec. team).

International: All international travel requires SVP approval, and must be booked through company travel agency (use of travel agency is optional for domestic billable). Within $200 of lowest fare economy, unless:
1. Travel is billable, resource has to stay 5+ weeks at international site, and project SOW indicates resources can book business class fare.
2. Resource has taken 6+ flights in the calendar year deemed "international long haul". In order to qualify for this, flight must have at least one single leg of 9+ hours. The resource's 6th flight can qualify for business class fare on the outbound leg only. A lot of times the company eats this expense on behalf of the hardship endured by the resource.

For both scenarios 1 and 2 in International (assuming they meet the criteria), the resource can alternatively book two lowest economy fare tickets and bring a companion.

I think it is a reasonable policy, and have never understood why companies use F cabin bookings as some sort of entitlement for high level execs (do they not realize most of this comes out of their own pockets in the form of diminished company net income, resulting in decline of any stock/equity holdings?).
True but the execs share of the stock decline is less than the benefit they individually receive when flying F.
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