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Originally Posted by chollie View Post
For those who complain about bare arms:

Do you mind sitting next to an attractive woman in a sleeveless top (with shaved pits, of course)?

Do you dislike contact with naked biceps, but find naked forearm arm rest contact OK? (I've rarely seen hairy biceps, but I've seen some remarkably hairy forearms, on both men and women).

I'm just wondering if it's the exposed arms that are the problem, or is it exposed arms only in conjunction with certain other behaviors.

I always travel with layers, regardless of destination, so if someone sits next to me with hairy pits (that I am unlikely to come in contact with), exposed biceps, hairy or clammy forearms, I can always put my long-sleeved shirt on if I'm not already wearing it.

In short, if you don't like the bro tank, dress defensively!
You bring up a fair enough point. However, the distinction between the two (IMO) are as follows:

1. An attractive woman with a sleeveless top typically will be much more petite than a beef-roided male sporting a bro tank, making her less likely to brush her bare sweaty arms against you.
2. IANAD, but do not men typically perspire more heavily than women?
3. And while this may be subjective, women in a sleeveless top are typically doing so to dress comfortably, while said bros are for the most part trying to make some sort of silly fashion statement (look at my broceps, check out my crappy tribal ink, have a gaze at this awesome tan, don't you see how tough I look?, etc.)

I guess it is a combination of the apparel and the stereotypical social mannerisms the bro community expresses. I just do not understand why they have to make such a silly fashion statement (as said in #2) everywhere they go, and at least once in a while not dress like you are desperately trying to draw attention to yourself. Add in the rancid body spray and it is not a very pleasant experience rubbing broceps with them.
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