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Thanks for the info all.
FWAA - maybe you think 10:25 is lunch time, but not to most of the rest of us, especially considering, we're supposed to be at the airport 1 to 2 hours beforehand, and if the TSA is slow that day, it might not leave enough time to have breakfast at the airport. But whether you think it's breakfast time, or lunch time, a piece of fruit, a muffin or a yogurt would be an appropriate snack choice.

So far, from all you experienced AA flyers, I'm learning that I'm likely to get a bag of nuts, and one of your suggested that I might even get offered cereal. And finally, someone suggested that I might be offered a leftover BOB snack pack from coach once they're done collecting money. <sigh>
BTW, when I called AA, one supervisor told me that Coach will have BOB offered, while First Class gets the ole Light Refreshments nonsense babble. Another supervisor told me that coach pax will not have the BOB option, but again, I'll get "refreshments".

That said, what is the most annoying thing is why the heck can't AA tell me this info? They do this flight daily, surely SOMEONE knows what passengers can expect. Why is it held as a guarded secret so that passengers can't possibly be prepared?

That's really my biggest complaint.
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