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Same issue!

I too have flown over 1M+ miles and just 2 months ago had to get off a flight just before they closed the doors. Never had the intense feelings of entrapment and confinement be so overwhelming. Always not enjoyed being in tunnels or elevators, but never to the point of being panic-ridden like that flight experience.

Since then, I forced myself to get on two, hour-long flights with the help of some Xanax. Almost didn't board, however. Once on board, I was just is now being in the waiting lounge/gate area and all the associated anticipatory anxiety that is really doing a number on me.

I have a Transatlantic, 10-hour flight coming up in the summer that I am really re-thinking. I do not want my children to see and 'episodes' for fear it will affect them too. I am not sure what to do about that planned vacation.

I have started to investigate different therapies and protocols....everything from NLP, Hypnosis, CBT, EFT, etc, etc. Not sure what will do the trick, however...I know that just trying to keep busy on a flight or in the gate area is a fragile strategy and not a long-term cure.

I will say eliminating caffeine and de-stressing (at work) has been helpful. Just not sure if it is the total solution.

Am all ears for others' suggestions.
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