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Flying in October from US to UK

Wow, I am amazed how many have the same issue as I. My worst experience was being on the tarmac in August for 2 1/2 hours with no air conditioning around 2004 or so. I managed it well due to a child and his mother on their first flight sitting next to me. Outwardly, I was super positive. Inwardly, I thought that I was going to die. One other flight to Phoenix for business, I thought that I was having a heart attack mid-flight. I suddenly couldnít breathe and was super hot. I started thinking about my business presentation that I was making the next day and realized two minutes later that I was just anxious.
On a very positive note, I now fly Southwest domestically whenever possible, tell them in advance about my issue, and get a pre-boarding pass. They assure me that this is a true issue. I always sit near the front in an aisle seat on the side where I cannot see the door open or close. It really helps. On my past two flights, I decided to just do a regular board and was fine. I even managed to not freak out when the doors didnít open for a few minutes with everyone standing. I do have to admit that my pulse rate went up a bit, but not like the past.
I am going on my first overseas flight to Scotland in October. I am going to most likely fly Southwest to the location that I board internationally. Does anyone suggest international airlines that handle claustrophobia better. I even have been looking at the Queen Mary 2 but realized that I am being ridiculous. One final note, my doctor told me to reach out acweekmbefore my flight for meds.
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Firstly I cannot believe there are other people who experience what I do too. Itís incredibly disabling and really interferes with my life, however I still fly but hate it. I try to feel the fear to prevent a panic attack but sometimes even feeling the fear is impossible. Has anyone had any luck with changing their diet to increase their panic threshold? Like I said, sometimes I can feel the fear and fly but a week later on a return flight I can barely board the plane and then have to take diazepam which then makes me feel weird and off. So I can get through a flight but feel so incredibly uncomfortable and dread it terribly. Anything longer than 5 hours at the moment is an issue and living in Australia this makes any international travel pretty tough.

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Hi everyone. I'm so excited finding this chat. I struggle with severe claustrophobia as well. In the past, I flew a few times and years later I have experienced some claustrophobic panic attacks on the grounds whick have disabled me from flying for years... Last time I flew was 2002 and it was a total disaster that caused me serious health problem. I went through psychotherapy and was pretty sure I can fly again... In 2004 I got off the plane in a terrible panic attack. I gave up. This year I have started thinking that I could possibly try once again. I got an incredible job offer and this position will require to travel few times a year. So I have started looking for tips and advises for phobic fliers. I have bought myself and my husband a short 1 hour flight in a couple of weeks. I am reading all of stories and want to thank you for sharing. Despite all terrible panic attacks, you are all alive still, that means I have chance to survive too. Fingers crossed, mates. I'll come back with a story of succes or a fail anyway. is offline  
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