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Originally Posted by travelbluez View Post
Hi first post here.

Yes it's another CDG 2F to 2E connection question. I've read the previous posts regarding the connection but I heard there were / are some changes to the terminal and gate numbers so want to confirm what the latest info is.

Our flight lands at 10:20pm at 2F from Lisbon on AF1925 codeshare and leaves 2E at 11:20pm to Johannesburg on AF990 so (shengan to non-shengan). This allows for a 1 hour connection. I assume, at this time it's one of the last flights to leave CDG so hopefully the airport won't be too busy.

From what I've been able to find out there is a walkway from 2F to 2E Gates K which only takes 5 mins but it's land side so I'd have to clear passport & customs on exit of 2F and go through passport and security in 2E. Would this be a good strategy or should I just stay air-side and walk / get the shuttle? I don't know the gate numbers yet but from what I've read it can be a very long way if the gate is at the far end.

I found this nice site (http://www.easycdg.com/1/information...al-2f-vers-2e/) which implies it only takes 25-30mins but from comments here it sounds like it's tighter than that.

Is it likely that we may be met by AF staff to assist with the transfer. Our tickets were booked on the AF site.
Anyone know which gate (K, L or M) my flight to JHB is likely to leave from? Flight number AF990 on A380.
The AF site shows a shuttle (blue line) to make the transfer from 2F to 2E gates K. Is this the best way or should I walk?

I'm sorry for all the questions but it's very confusing and I want to be sure I transfer as fast as possible as I can't afford to miss the flight.

Hello and welcome to FlyerTalk

Some info:
- your flight to JNB will not leave from the M gates, as the M gates are not used in the evening
- since you are flying on the A380, your flight will probably leave from the L gates
- there is now an airside walkway from 2F to the K gates and another one to the L gates in 2E
- walking is the best option from 2F to both the K and L gates
- you will not need to clear security (connecting from a Schengen airport)
- you will need to clear passport control once to leave the Schengen zone

From the moment you arrive in 2F, it should take no more than 30mn to reach your departures gate to the flight to JNB, probably less than that, actually.

Enjoy your flights
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