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Originally Posted by FlyFasterFlyFarther View Post
There so much animosity in the blogger threads in MilesBuzz, what could possibly go wrong by creating a whole forum for it? @:-)
Another great reason for this forum: to segregate the blogger-talk out of MB and into its own forum. @:-)@:-)

IMHO, hobo has nailed this one: we are seeing a major paradigm shift as it seems like every other FTer is now a blogger. The beauty of FT is that although many competitor IBBs have come and gone, it remains the repository of points and miles information and conversation. As more and more and more bloggers diversify their input and analysis the conversation gets more and more dispersed.

This suggestion is an attempt to re-close the circle and bring the information and conversation back to FT even as the bloggers siphon the information and conversation away from here.

Bloggers seek to monetize the information that FT provides just like the seminars seek to monetize the FlyerTalk 'Do' phenomenon, just like KVS/ExpertFlyers seeks to monetize award/upgrade space availability seeking.

As such, they are service providers to frequent flyers and point collectors and certainly not above criticism every bit as much as UNITED, Hilton and IB are service providers to frequent flyers and point collectors and certainly not above criticism. And just because IB Tony or UA Insider or Starwood Lurker are posters here does not mean we should not criticize IB or UNITED or Starwood.

Can anyone tell me: what are the good blogs? What are the bad blogs? What blog consistently has great ideas? What blog consistently pumps affiliates? Where do we talk about these types of points and miles service providers?

I submit that the answer is: here on FlyerTalk in a forum dedicated to these service providers.

Just because there is a face or name associated with the business does not mean it is not a business providing a service.
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