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Good news. It works now! I had removed the keyboard last night and rinsed each part very lightly and gently with deionized water to remove the soda stains on the keyboard and underneath. I then let it air dry for 24 hours. I just reassembled it, and it booted up just fine. I seriously thought it was a goner after I couldn't get it turn on for two straight days, so this was a complete hail mary.

I think I will certainly take lessons from this, however. I will NEVER leave my laptop unattended while in flight again. It's not even safe in the case. What happened to me earlier this week could happen again someday. Or worse, a fellow passenger could swipe it while I'm in the bathroom and put it in their carry-on and I'd be screwed. I can't exactly ask the flight attendants to search every passenger's bags before deplaning. The only way I'll leave it unattended is if I am traveling with someone that I know (friend, girlfriend or family member) and trust that they will watch it for me.

Edit: I seriously thought that the circuit board was fried from my past experience (I used to do computer repair for extra money during college). Someone up there must like me or want to give me a second chance.
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