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Having read your tale, I'm afraid that you should file this episode under "very expensive lesson learned". You have no recourse against the airline. Why would you indicate to a complete stranger that he could use your laptop? You are opening yourself to trouble. The fact is that what happened comes down your seatmates' word against that of the teenager and his mother - if you can find them. I'm not doubting your version of events. But you have no one to blame but yourself.
I agree that I'm probably screwed, but I'd like to clarify that I never told him he could use my laptop. I said that he could listen to the sound as well when I pull the laptop out later to watch Seinfeld. How exactly could that be construed to mean that I granted the kid permission to use it? My word against his you say? Well if that's true, then even if I hadn't said anything to the kid, he and his mother could still claim that I gave him permission and that it was an accident. My word against theirs, right? I could have said nothing to the child or mother beforehand, and if he decides to mess with my computer and ruin it, tough luck. They'll just claim they had permission. The only way to avoid it then would be to bring my laptop to the bathroom with me. Do you agree?

I agree that the airline is blameless, but perhaps I could subpoena them for the mother's name and address and try to get a judgment in small claims court.
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