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Originally Posted by EAPflyer View Post
It would be interesting to see what you get from your A3 status...
Well, as long as upgrades "happens" to others and not me, I couldn't care less: zero interest for me =

Basically I consider the A3 forum to be very, very boring, and it is only kept alive thanks to some very few persons who answer again and again the same questions of all those new M&B-members who do not have time (or are not in the mood) to read through the posts...
You're possibly correct as far as the "same questions" are concerned, but since I consider FT to be a very good tool for frequent travelers and not entertainment, I don't mind at all it's very, very boring.

Of course, that's my personal opinion, and to make the thread less boring I include here a link to a video showing one of my dogs sleeping next to me son. It has absolutely nothing to do with the thread (possibly with the lack of lie-flat beds on many long-haul planes), but unless the mod gets really angry at me, it should make the A3 thread less boring.

Mod, please feel free to delete this!
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