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Originally Posted by Bloodshot2k
Does AA luggage tags still qualify for the statement credit? What are other options that qualify?
Whether it qualifies or not is dependent on who bills you, not directly on what you buy.

It has to be billed by AA itself. So these things definitely count:
  • Purchase of an AA ticket on
  • Purchase of fees for an AA award booking ticket on
  • Purchase of anything phystical (sandwich, drink, headphones if available for sale, etc) on a domestic mainline (not regional jet) AA plane in coach
  • Purchase of an AA gift card online at

These things definitely do not count:
  • Buying AA miles onilne at (it sends you to which actually is the one that bills you)
  • Booking "vacation packages" at (it's actually implemented by a third party, Travelocity IIRC, and billed by that third party)
  • Using AA Shopping (implemented by a third party, and in case it sends you to the partner website to make the purchase)
  • Purchase of GoGo in-flight internet on the plane (it's billed to GoGo, not to AA)

I have no idea where you can buy AA luggage tags, and thus I do know which of these two categories it fits into.

Finally, some offers give you a $xxx statement creidt for "any" AA purchase, while other offers give you "up to" $xxx for AA purchases. The first type of offer, a small purchase qualifies you for the full credit. The second type of offer, you have to spend the same amount as the amount of credit you want (up to the limit of what the maximum credit is), and thus a small spend will only get you a small credit. You have to know which of these two types of offers you signed up for, we can't guess that.
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