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Originally Posted by You want to go where? View Post
I am sure someone will be along shortly who can provide the standard recommendations for what kind of information can help you convince the Talkboard of the value of this forum.

Based on other successful requests for forums that I have seen, you may want to justify it further by counting the number of threads in the past month which would have been included in the Korea forum, had it existed. I presume that the thread counts you listed were for the Asiana and Korean Airlines forums as a whole, which doesn't really inform people as to how much the Korea forum itself would be used.

That said, I find it hard to believe that there would be sufficient traffic to justify a separate North Korea subforum, as there simply isn't enough traffic to the country. The fact that it is hard to travel to (and that, as a consequence, among other things, a reason that few people actually go there) is a reason not to create a forum. Regarding the idea of an overall Korea forum, I did a quick review of the Asiana, Korean Airlines, and Asia forums over the past two months. There were no threads in either of the airlines forums which were not airline related other than the two threads you created to point to this one. In the Asia forum, there were 10 threads about South Korea. There were no threads about North Korea. I don't know whether the Talkboard would consider that sufficient volume to justify a separate forum.
FT members have been traveling to North Korea and there are threads regarding how to get there.
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