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Originally Posted by larciel View Post
I've been with Amex for 11 years without any issues. 2 personal and 3 business cards total.
Last month I made a payment for $2000 to pay the statement balance and I made a mistake by clicking wrong bank account to withdraw money from. I didn't know until it was too late and payment was returned. Actually I called in after 2nd failed attempts and they said they cannot adjust the payment in after it's been submitted...

Next day Amex cancelled all my cards including plum which had $160k balance.. I pay full balance every month and it's more than crucial that I have the Plum card in order to sustain my business..

After failed attempts to restore the account, a manager gave me option to restore the card if I pay balance in full. But my spending limit will be limited to $3200 for rest of my life, and I will lose every other cards except Plum.

I'm looking for ANY help or recommendation to restore my account in full. If all fails, please suggest other cards that has such large amount spending limit...
I made one simple mistake of clicking wrong box and now it's coming back to threaten my living, I wish dearly that I could go back and double check before submitting 'ok'....

Thank you in advance.
I sincerely hope you have good luck as well as inform us of the outcome
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