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8. Frequently asked questions

Q: Will ANA interline (i.e. "forward") my baggage to/from another carrier?
A: ANA has interline agreements with the following carriers:
AA - AC - AF - AH - AI - AM - AS - AT - AV - AY
AZ - A3 - BA - BG - BI - BR - BT - B6 - CA - CI
CM - CX - CZ - DL - EK - EN - ET - EW - EY - FI
FJ - FM - GA - GF - HA - HO - HR - HX - HY - IB
JJ - JK - JL - JO - JP - KA - KC - KE - KL - KM
KQ - K6 - LA - LG - LH - LO - LP - LR - LX - LY
MD - MF - MH - MI - MS - MU - MX - NX - NZ - OA
OK - OM - OS - OU - OZ - O6 - PG - PR - PZ - QF
QR - RA - SA - SC - SK - SN - SQ - SU - TA - TG
TK - TP - T0 - UA - UL - UN - US - UX - VN - VS
WF - WP - XF - ZH - 2K - 3M - 4M - 4U - 8M - 9B
Q: What lounges can I use?
A: Please refer to the specific airport you are departing from here. When departing Japan, first class passengers can use the two ANA Suite Lounges and the United International First Class Lounge (Narita) or the two ANA Suite Lounges (Haneda), while business class and Star Alliance Gold passengers can use the two ANA Lounges or the United Club (Narita) or the two ANA Lounges (Haneda). Passengers in premium economy, those eligible for the Economy Class Pleasant-Trip Service, or those using lounge certificates are eligible to use any of the ANA Lounges. ANA first/business class passengers and Diamond/Platinum/SFC passengers arriving at Narita on ANA-operated international flights can use the ANA Arrival Lounge.

Q: Does ANA provide sleepwear (pajamas), and if so, can I take them home?
A: Yes, sleepwear is provided for first and business class passengers on Europe/USA routes, and may be taken home. At the end of the flight the purser/CA may even provide an extra, unused set for you to take home. ANA also provides a woolen sweater in first and business classes (selected long-haul/Asian routes) to wear if you are cold, but this is only for use during the flight and is washed and reused. (Note that some FTers have reported that ANA has only a limited number of sleepwear sets available in business class and are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.)

Q: Is there an amenity kit?
A: A Samsonite amenity kit is provided in First Class. Business class passengers on routes to Europe and North America (excluding Hawaii) are provided with an L'Occitane amenity kit. On other routes, amenity goods are available in baskets on board for business class passengers to take as necessary.

Q: Are pre-departure beverages served?
A: Yes, in both first and business classes on long-haul international flights. Depending on the time of day a selection of juice, water, and champagne is offered.

Q: Does ANA offer discounted paid upgrades? Will ANA involuntarily upgrade ("op-up") me?
A: On international routes, ANA does not offer discounted paid upgrades to any class of service, but you can typically upgrade yourself by paying the fare difference at check-in. On routes where PY is available, ANA elite members (and occasionally non-ANA Star Alliance Gold members) are upgraded to PY on a space-available basis. On domestic routes, same-day upgrades to Premium Class are available (see above).

Q: What are "shareholder discount coupons (株主優待券)" and how can I use them?
A: Twice a year, ANA offers discount coupons to its shareholders that provide a 50% discount off regular domestic economy and Premium Class fares. The appropriate shareholder discount fares must be booked and a valid discount coupon must be provided at check-in. The coupons themselves are often resold on auction sites and at ticket shops throughout Japan, but this practice is not officially endorsed by ANA.

Q: How do I reserve a seat in the first class cabin when it is sold as business class on some short-haul routes?
A: If you hold a full-fare business class ticket (booking class "C"), you may select seats online in the first class cabin after purchase. Otherwise, only certain ANA elite members (typically Diamond, but sometimes other NH elites) may be allowed to select these seats at check-in.

Q: How much will taxes and fees be on my award redemption made though AMC?
A: ANA charges all taxes and fees (including fuel surcharges) as would be applicable for a paid ticket with the same itinerary. You can recreate your booking using ITA Matrix, which will give you a breakdown of all taxes and fees required. (Please note that some airlines, such as US, SQ, and OZ, charge fees that are not shown in the breakdown on ITA, so please check the fare rules to be sure.) You can also ask other members in our consolidated fuel surcharge questions thread.

Q: Does ANA provide a hotel (STopover Paid by Carrier: STPC) for passengers making an overnight transit in Japan?
A: In general, no. Please contact ANA or your travel agent to confirm.

Q: What booking class is my domestic fare?
A: The following seems to be what booking class each domestic fare books into on ANA and United:
Fare Type				NH Booking Class
Premium Normal Fare			S
Premium Tokuwari A			C
Premium Tokuwari B			D
Premium Tabiwari 28			D
Premium Shareholder's Discount		S
Premium Disability Discount		S
Normal Fare				Y
Round-trip Fare				Y
Shareholder's Discount			Y
Disability Discount			Y
Nursing Discount			Z
Shuttle Round-trip			B
Business Ticket				E
Business Repeat				E
Tokuwari A				B
Tokuwari B				Z
Tokuwari C				H
Tabiwari 21A/B/C/D			?
Tabiwari 28A				V
Tabiwari 28B				W
Tabiwari 45				L
Tabiwari 55				K
Tabiwari 60				T
Tabiwari 75				X
Specified Connection Discount		Z
Connection Tokuwari			Q
Connection Tabiwari			L
Issho-ni Mile Wari			K
Q: What other special benefits are available for Diamond members?
A: There are some unpublished/unpublicized special benefits provided to Diamond members when flying on NH, including:
  • Access to the SilverKris First Class Lounge at SIN T2
  • Discounts and other benefits at IHG hotels in Japan

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