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About Perth & West Australia
(click on the blue link)

Perth tourism
Government tourism web site
Perth tourist centre
Perth Convention Bureau
WA info
Perth Map

Local Public Transport
There is a Free Transit Zone in Perth,
From post 22: Also, note that the Hilton and Hyatt are at opposite ends of town.
Catching a Transperth bus, such as between these two hotels, is free in this zone
Transperth getting started
Route map to download here
Another Perth map to download here
Free Perth Central Area Transit System (Perth CAT)
- CAT map (download for the PDF, also shows limits of Free Transit Zone):CAT map

Need more info: can any local explain how to use - buy tickets Perth public transport ?

Getting to Perth
a) Perth airport web site. Star alliance fly to Perth from Singapore & Johannesburg, South Africa
a) international airlines
b) Perth Airport
c) Airport Shuttle
d) No. 37 bus, which runs from domestic T3/T4 (covers QF, JQ, VA) into the city and goes along Adelaide Terrace which turns into St George's Terrace as in post post 369 by tuapekastar. Buy a ticket on the bus (post 371)

b) Great Southern Rail (GSR) run the Indian Pacific train twice each week from Sydney to Perth via Adelaide.

c) Its a loooong road trip across the Nullarbor from the east coast (no trees)

The correct map of the world, with Australia where it really is (at the top)
Australia compared to the USA
Australia vs USA map
Australia vs Europe map

From post 209:-
Perth threads
Tom911's post 65 on Perth - Freemantle. Worth reading and clicking on the links
From a post by thadocta on another thread
Originally Posted by thadocta
.....there is a young band originating in Perth called Gyroscope, their recent hit Some of the places I know deliberately chose to highlight stunning Western Australian scenery in the film clip, and is well worth a look, if for no other reason than the scenery (and I think they are a great band).


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