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Site still screwed up?

I recall the "new" UA site was all messed up a while back, with dead links and the like, but I thought for sure after nearly two weeks they would have fixed it by now!

I'm trying to get to the form for designating a million miler's companion, and I seem to be stuck in a do-loop universe.

When I get to the million miler page, I click on the link that allegedly is to take me to the form:

Instead, it takes me back to the main page. Link seems not to work. So, I try "Alex". "She" says I should log in, then follow the link. I am already logged in. I try to tell her that, and she tells me how to log in. Total waste of time.

I'm inclined to call MP to see if they can handle it themselves, but I'm afraid I'll get the ICC, which will make my experience with broken links and do-loops seem like a smoothly oiled machine.

Any word on when they're likely to get their site fixed?
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