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Originally Posted by mileshound View Post
Like the OP, a friend needs 300K to get 3 people to Europe in 2013. He has not played the CC game and is starting from scratch so he has lots of opportunities. This is my plan for him. I think you can still get the Onepass card then the explorer card. Please correct me if I am wrong. The OP may want to consider this too.

Another thing they are doing is not applying for the exact same card at the same time. This is in case a better deal comes along at least one of them can get in on it. Also, he can not do Fidelity or TD Ameritrade due to his job.
One issue is this plan is all cards are with Chase. Even if he applies 60 days apart, this will take about 8 months for the miles to post.

One pass card 30K
Sapphire 50K
Explorer 50K
Freedom - 30K

One pass card 30K
Explorer 50K
Sapphire 50K
Freedom - 30K

Any other suggestions are appreciated.
Let me add that many people have been successful in getting the 30 K Chase OPP bumped to 50K by SMing Chase and telling them a friend received 50 K

They are very good about matching if done within 60 Days. I asked for and got the match the day I activated my card.

There, I did my good deed for the day. GL
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