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Originally Posted by platinumboy View Post
Hey, I'm a new FT'er and glad to see a post about 1865 here.
I'm Voyager (Gold) and usually stay at Langham Place in HK or Langham Huntington in Pasadena when in LA.
Hi platinumboy and welcome to FT!

Its nice to see you dedicated your first post to 1865.

Actually, I believe that 5 stays a year at langham hotels is not that easy to achieve if your travel pattern doesnt bring you to Asia a lot, there are just not enough Hotels in the group for now. Im glad to see though, that they are rapidly adding Hotels all over Asia and the US. But other than that you are right about the quite small amount of stays you have to invest for a few nice perks.

Just called the LP HK a few days ago and kindly asked them if it was possible for me to have a package sent to the hotel so I could pick it up, even though I am currently not staying there. After a few minutes the lady on the phone got back to me and said that usually they wouldnt do this but since Im a Voyager they would be glad to help me out.
I really appreciate such small details!

Originally Posted by platinumboy View Post
They have just undertaken a massive round of research from their current members to re-evaluate the program... It'll be interesting to see what happens.
Would be nice to learn more about that.
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