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1) For a copy program, try Total Commander. It's far more than just a copy program but it can copy all files that don't already exist. The unpaid version is nagware but fully operational.

2) An alternative to dropbox:


(Yes, this is a referral link--but we both get the referral bonus. There's a thread about this in the SPAM forum.)

It's better because the encryption is done on your computer rather than theirs. Dropbox can see your files, SpiderOak can't. I believe you will still get 3gb out of this link. Also, there's a promo (I don't know how long it will last) code WORLDBACKUPDAY that will upgrade your account to 6gb. (Enter this as a purchase of more space, you won't be offered it at signup.)

It has sync capability also, I haven't explored that aspect of it yet.
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