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Originally Posted by panyafe View Post

I have been with AmEx since 2008 and have been a Plat member for about 5 months or so.

I will be experimenting quite a few changes in my life and that will imply on moving to three different countries in the course of 5 years, approximately.

I started investigating about transferring my Plat AmEx to an IDC/IEC but a doubt has arisen regarding the fact that it appears that IDC/IEC are not eligible for Card Transfer, thus making me pay the 550 EUR/USD annual fee again!

Frankly, I do not feel like paying the annual fee again. Do any of you think there is a way this could be negotiated? Has anyone ever tried to do this successfully?

Thanks in advance for your help!
You are correct in saying that you can't do a Global Transfer to an IDC/IEC card.

I've got both IDC and IEC cards and my experience with Amex International Currency Cards in the UK is that they do not negotiate on anything. I guess if you spend enough with them they may be more open to waving fees.
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