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Hi diehardfan, welcome to FT!

Originally Posted by diehardfan View Post
From the limited research I did, seems like you basically use your points to find and get free upgrades.
Well, since you're using points that you earned by flying, they aren't technically free
So my question is, for a flyer like me with zero points and first time flyer is there any upgrade options and is ExpertFlyer for me?
Upgrade options - There might be a paid upgrade option available now, or one that will either be offered to you at online checkin or you can ask at the check in desk the day of your flight. You should not expect a free upgrade.

Expertflyer - Before a future flight, when you have some miles available from your upcoming flight, then you can look at the Emirates website to see how many miles are needed to upgrade and whether or not you have enough. If you do, the first move would be to try to find a flight where there's upgrade space available. Most airline websites will show this to you in some way. It might be easy to find availability on your own.

If you can't find availability on your own, and you have enough points to get an upgrade, then you can consider signing up for an ExpertFlyer subscription.
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