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Originally Posted by sfozrhfco View Post
It is not the job of the moderator to protect the company brand. The forum is not run by Emirates, is not subject to censorship, and the people posting here should not be given 50 lashes for offering criticism--as may be the case in EK's home base. The point is to let people who post and who read information in the forum get a well rounded view of the good/bad/neutral aspects of the airline and the services it provides.

In the end criticisms are one of the best things for an airline. If a seat in F on a particular aircraft is broken and no passenger ever said anything, a person on the next flight would likely face the same broken seat. If an airline chooses to suppress or ignore comments from its paying customers, then they will eventually lose them all. Who wants to give business to a company that could care less about what its customers think and want?
To be honest, I find this post just a wee bit insulting. I don't think I have ever intentionally censored anyone on this board in the 18-months or so I have volunteered as a Mod - if that's the implication. Am I loyal customer of EK? You bet. Does that influence how I perceive the brand to be. Of course. Should that influence how I moderate this particular forum? No, but we are all human and sometimes mistakes are made.

I'd like to think that the board does have a decent balance of opinion and that members and guests can see both the good, bad and ugly of all things EK related.

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