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Originally Posted by jperiod View Post
I have an infant and a 6 yo, I'm going to attempt to pack a little food for them (sandwich/carrots/applesauce). I also have some meds that need ice packs, as well as some liquid cough syrup (3 out of 4 of us have colds right now ).

I can put the food/meds together with the ice packs in my diaperbag. Do I take it out of the bag before screening? Or just tell them they're in there?

The cough syrup would just be in our backpacks. Do I need to take it out before? Just tell them it's in there?

On the clear liquids bags, do all my items need to lay flat in that bag or can I pack it full as long as I get the zipper closed? I was thinking I could transfer the cough syrup to smaller bottles if it would be less TSA fuss, but I'm not sure I have enough room in the bag if it needs to lay flat.

Lastly, does chapstick go in the 311 bag or can I just keep that in my diaper bag?
We put all the kids' stuff in a separate bag and just explain it's for them. No problem. I'd take the medicine out, also.

As for the plastic bag, I've never had a problem with it, no matter how full it's stuffed. Most FTers will tell you that they don't even take the Kippie bag out anymore.

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