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Hey tluxe,

thanks for actually opening this thread on FT, havnt actually looked for an existing one but I think this is the first?

Im Voyager aswell and I found Gateway already to be a helpfull status within the langham hotels. The membership criteria with stays instead of the usual minimum nights in other hotels is quite strange to me aswell, especially when it comes to Destiny...

Theres quite a few 'cool' perks in being Voyager (luggage tags, membership card being your roomkey aswell).

I've split up your post and will answer every bit on what I've experienced:

Originally Posted by tluxe View Post
Any other Voyager(Gold) or Destiny(Plat) members here? I'm looking for feedback to compare how so-called 1865 elites are treated under this program.
Since until now I have only stayed in the Langham / Langham place in Asia, when I arrive in HKG for instance and go to the Langham desk at the airport, they sometimes seem to notice the luggage tag and I often received a bottle (0.25) of water or a softdrink. Same goes with the Hotels in HKG, when I arrive by taxi/metro/bus they notice the luggage tag and I'll be maneuvered to the dedicated checkin desk.
Also quite a nice treatment everytime I stay in the Club L. They do try to make you feel more special than the usual guest imo.

Originally Posted by tluxe View Post
I just find little to no benefits of this program (other than the 500 airlines miles per night). I've been a Voyager (Eqv of Gold) for the past year. I'm also SPG Gold (almost Plat) and have decided to push my stays into SPG to get Plat - since 1865's criteria for Destiny is so vague and subjective.
While it might be true that you dont get any hotel points which might later be used for free stays, you do get a few perks (wifi, 1 extra bottle of water in the bathroom and 1 extra bottle of water + fruit plate in the room)

About the Destiny criteria, I would be happy to learn myself, since limousine service to/from the airport is quite a nice perk aswell
As far as I understood it was something with being in the top 2% spenders in the top tier rooms.

Originally Posted by tluxe View Post
1865's upgrades are usually downgrades in my opinion. Better located room usually equals smaller, older rooms. I've found myself sending emails before check-in - please do not upgrade me! The check-in perks (fruit, water, chocolates, etc). Meh - for me - staying frequently - what I really want is free nights, suites, upgrades for leisure stays. This program does not deliver that at all. Just some unnecessary snacks in your room at check-in.
Which langham are you talking about?

Originally Posted by tluxe View Post
Curious what other think about this program. I'm hoping with some customer feedback - things might improve. I like the brand and some of the properties, but the reward program needs some major overhauling before I commit any further..
I think the 1865 tries to distinguish itself from the usual hotel program...
But I think that staying at the langham is already worth it (especially the wellness/fitness areas in Asia are wonderfull)
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