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Originally Posted by stevenshev View Post
I really doubt the honesty of anyone who claims they've flown both the old LH first and the new UA first and prefer the LH hard product.
Well, then, let me make an honest statement to you: whatever things others think is sexier about UA F on a 747 than LH F on an A333, I didn't end up really giving a damn about those things when I tried both products, but sure, I could see how someone else might think differently. I don't care if people see me sleeping or eating in a (max) 8 person F cabin. I wasn't impressed with UA's IFE setup compared to, say, Emirates, or even VX RED, and if it's not going to impress me, something arm-mounted is fine if it comes with a far superior soft product and lounge. I didn't find the UA seat more comfortable to sleep in than the LH seat. I didn't find the LH cabin particularly sweltering.

Given that if I want to go to or come from Europe from SEA, UA F is a one-hop, LH F is a nonstop... well, this makes it a no-brainer. It will be LH F out of SEA every chance I can get, instead of going though a hub like IAD, ORD or SFO and risking misconnects, additional flights, and so on.

Speaking only for myself, I'm not going to complain about Int'l F class, regardless of carrier.
I agree. I can see why people do the thing when there's no Dom and caviar, but I haven't reached the rarified level where I can take it all for granted yet. I'll need lots more flights in longhaul F and C to get there, I suppose.
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