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Originally Posted by Keyser View Post
this is no longer true....if you are ready to pay the correct duty then there is no question of bribes....it's a very easy process now....very transparent....
Sorry, but you must be living in some other place called India. In the India where I live, the solicitation of bribes by corrupt public officials is still very much a part of everyday life. Have you not hear of the Jan Lokpal debate?

To the OP...you should be able to bring this in duty-free as part of your Rs 20,000 allowance. Make sure you have the original receipt...even if the Customs people try to bring out an "Indian Price List", that is irrelevant. Firmly but politely insist that the item is valued as per the receipt and that it is part of your duty free allowance. Eventually they will give up and go hassle someone with five TVs.
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