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Originally Posted by Yaatri View Post
Converter for what?
Please don;t take it personally, but your post is mostly babble.

By talking about voltages and power supplies you are missing the point. Modern TV's have well regulated switched power supplies. So power supply is hard an issue.
The issue is the color system and tuner. A TV for the U.S. market will have either ATSC (digital) or both ATSC and NTSC (analogue). Early digital TVs sold in the U.S. had both ATSC and NTSC (analogue) tuners.
Although the TV that the OP purchased supports 50Hz power supply, but that means little as it must be able to support 50Hz video. ATSC uses 720p/1080i at 60Hz while DVB-T uses 720p or 1080i at 50Hz, for high definition digital broadcast. SO, if the TV supports 50Hz video, it could work with digital signal via satellite or cable, but it will ABSOLUTELY not work with analogue over the air broadcast.
Now that analogue broadcast is history, I don't know if any manufacturer puts NTSC tuner on their devices sold in the U.S.
NTSC and PAL have different frame rates (30 fps for NTSC vs 25 fps for PAL). The two systems also have different number of lines, 525 vs 625.
Has India started digital broadcast yet? It will absolutely not work with analogue broadcast. Since you are not likely to find even an NTSC tuner on TV's sold in the U.S. today, chances of finding one with PAL tuner sold in a mainstream store are none to negligible. Only specilty stores big cities like NY, Houston, LA, Chicago, sell such equipment.

The digital standard for television broadcast in India is DVB-T (Digital Television Broadcast-Terrestrial). If you have a digital feed from satellite dish, there is a good possibility that it might work, but I am not sure.

That is a possibility, but people have been bringing TV's to India from Bangkok, Dubai and the U.S. for nearly 30 years. I haven;t heard of any mishap, but then I don;t pay a whole of attention to such endeavours as I have never been interested in taking a TV to India.

Which year are you talking about? Those days are gone. I know someone who took a TV from Bangkok to India and paid about 30% duty.

I doubt that you can get a 32 inch TV in India for $300.

Note to OP. For digital TV NTSC and PAL are irrelevant. Those standards are obsolete.
dont travellers to india have a Rs20,000 duty free allowance? the OP may not have to pay any duty at all

32" LED TV for $300 - u cannot get a branded 32" LCD for the price in India let alone a LED.

digital DTH is available in India - Reliance, Airtel, etc. digital cable is also avilable though not widespread

as Yaatri mentions no need for a voltage converter - OP mentions voltage is 110/220V (50/60 Hz) and can be used in India
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