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Retired captains on BA flights

Last week during a flight from IST to LHR, I was fortunate enough to receive my first upgrade to CE and sitting in 2D on the A320, was curous about something that occured during boarding.

I heard on of the FC talking about a retired captain, and subsequently allowing said retiree and his wife on board at the say so of the captain in charge of the flight. As the flight was completely full, the FC was going to seat them both together on jump seats at the rear, however some of the other FC were clearly not happy about this (citing difficulties moving the trolleys of hot food around them) so the couple were split with one sitting on a jump seat at the rear and one on a jump seat at the front of the cabin (those seats don't loook terribly comfy for a ~4hour flight).

Anyway, I was curious if anyone knows what kind of benefits a retired captain could expect on BA flights.. I am guessing that the couple must have had some kind of boarding pass to get through security etc but perhaps only standby?
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