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Originally Posted by janders View Post
does anybody have a recent account of how long it takes for MR points to credit at AF/KLM? The online form never seems to work, so I'll probably do it over the phone.

Also - linked question - how long do bought FB miles take to credit (I'm hoping it's more or less instant)?

In the days of Frequence Plus (i.e. just after the last ice age ), transfer was very quick (couple of days). One could even sort it out over the phone with FP and Amex if one wanted to book a reward ticket before the MR points had actually landed on FP account.

No idea about today, but since bookings can be made over the phone with FB (only costs a few extra Euros) and reservation held for later issuing of ticket, this should solve the issue of time needed for MR point transfer, shouldn't it?
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