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confused : exec. bonus ?


15 / 02 : I make 2 flights
And I reach FTL , ++35k miles, on the first flight
So for the second flight I get my exec. bonus ( after I did a mileage request online on 26/02 )

16/02 : 2 flights : no exec. bonus
17/02 : 3 flights : no exec. bonus

22/02 : 2 flights : 2 * exec. bonus

I called M&M : first attempt : The staff says I am correct and advises me to sent email. ( I had the feeling he had no clue how to help me, so ...)

second attempt : the staff member understands but need to call help from a collegue, after minutes of waiting he comes with the reason :

I reached officially FTL on 21/02 , although when I count the miles I reach >35k on 15/02 , and he also told me that is correct, but because officially on 21/02 , I did not recieve exec. bonus for 16 and 17 februari.

I recieved the exec bonus for the second flight on 15/02 because I did a mileage request after 21/02.

Is this standard procedure?
or incompetent staff ? - the first guy on the phone told me it depends on the carrier, I told him look at 22/02 same carrier and exec. bonus , then he told me it depends on what class , it was first
To bad M&M staff in call stations are just young kids who speak multiple languages but have no clue what there business is about, in my opinion.
they need some 'flyertalk reading' in there training
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